14-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Day 4

Why Restaurants give you free bread before meals

"... bread makes you hungrier and encourages you to eat more.  Bread quickly spikes your blood sugar, which boosts the hormone insulin.    Insulin then drives the amino acid tryptophan, which is the precursor for serotonin, into the brain, making people feel happier and more relaxed..."

Why servers push alcohol at the beginning of a meal.

If you eat bread and drink alcohol before a meal, you are much more likely to order desert..."

Amen. The Brain Warriors Way. p.142

Day 2

Why are cows fed corn?

We remove corn, in any form we can during this 14 day challenge because of its high starch and sugar content.  Corn is used to fatten cattle and other livestock for the express purpose of making them fat and marbled, as fast as possible. (Read the following interview.)

Q: So most people think of a cow as something that's out grazing, and then is taken to the slaughterhouse.

A:... No, not true. Cows see very little grass nowadays in their lives. They get them on corn as fast as they can, which speeds up their lifespan, gets them really fat, and allows you to slaughter them within 14 months.

The problem with this system, or one of the problems with this system, is that cows are not evolved to digest corn. It creates all sorts of problems for them. The rumen is designed for grass. And corn is just too rich, too starchy. So as soon as you introduce corn, the animal is liable to get sick...


Day 1

In CrossFit when people hear Eating Challenge many think 30 days of pain, Paleo or Whole 30 diet with all its food restrictions, measuring and weighing and time commitment. Not so with this Eating challenge


Our eating challenge is only 14 days and is designed to challenge personal beliefs in eating and food habits. It is not designed to loose weight, but some loose up to 12 lbs in two weeks. It is not designed to change your body, but you may notice your clothes fitting differently. You may also experience more energy, better sleep or less joint and muscle pain.


You may also experience irritation as your body goes through sugar and/or caffeine withdrawals.


This challenge is to help you look at your beliefs and habits around food and eating.

Do you believe you need to clean your plate at every meal?

Do you believe you need to eat a salad or another dish in a single sitting?

Do you believe a well balance meal involves starch, such as bread or pasta?

Recipe of the Day

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